About Catherine Novak and WordSpring!

Hi – I’m Catherine Novak, and I’m the owner of WordSpring! Writing, Marketing and Web 2.0.  While I’ve been writing for business for more years than I care to think about, I’ve been pouring my energies into running my own company only within the past year. 

Graduating with a B.A in English and a diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Victoria, I moved to London, UK in 1990 only to find that as a Canadian, I had the wrong accent for teaching “the Queen’s English” to new immigrants to London.  As a result, I started working for a hybrid TV listings/women’s magazine, and left ESL teaching behind forever, even though I returned to Canada in 1992. The skills I learned from my studies haven’t been wasted, though, as they have translated very well into crafting clear communications for business clients, and this has been the main focus of my work ever since. 

I love working with business owners who have a passion for their product and service, but who get stuck when it comes to conveying what makes them unique and fantastic.   I help them find the compelling story behind their business and explain it to their target audience, AND I find the messages to match the communication method.  I know the difference between writing for print, writing for web pages, even writing for Twitter and other super-condensed media.  Better still, I can help you put together a coordinated communications strategy that leverages every message you send out.


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