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moving-dayWell, this is both sad and happy news.  Only Connect, my first successful blog – in that I’ve actually managed to keep it up and it’s attracted a small following – is moving.

You’ll find me blogging about business communications and social media at my very own domain,  Things are taking off for me and my clients as we create visibility, credibility and relationships together using the interactive power of the Web.  It’s very exciting! The only sad part is leaving this place behind, like an apartment that I’ve outgrown.   I’ve made some very good memories here.

For those who care about the technical details, it’s still a WordPress blog, only now it’s incorporated with the latest version of my website.  The “page” function of WordPress is one of the things I like best.

So bookmark the new site – add it to your favourite feed reader, comment and recommend it.  I love hearing from my readers, and creating community online.  Here is the link again:

See you in the new place.


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Blogging – the “fresh goods” of your business

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eyesOne of my clients (a very worthy organization) has me blogging for them… and you can’t actually get to the page.  I have been blogging in the dark vacuum of space now for a couple of days.

I fully expect the problem to be fixed by the end of today because the right people have been alerted – but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen blogs buried in the clutter of a website.  Another client currently hides the company blog deep in the sub-menus of their website, and updates it very rarely, even though this client is bubbling over daily with great ideas.  What a waste of a wonderful resource!

The way I see it, when you are blogging for a business, or to gain support for a cause, or just to share your ideas, why would you hide it where no one can see it?  Why not have a section on the home page that gives visitors one-click access to your latest helpful hint?  How about putting it right on the navigation bar throughout the site?

Because a blog is designed to be updated on a regular basis,  it can add ongoing freshness to your online presence.  It brings the aroma of fresh-baked goods right onto your site.  That’s attractive – people will go there to see what is new, and they will stay longer if they find news, thoughts, ideas or interactions when they get there.  Hiding your blog in the depths of your site is like having a storefront, and hiding in the back room with a “ring bell for service” sign out front.

Go stand in the middle of your shop, and interact with the people who come in.  Serve them your fresh goods with pride.

On that same note,  I am currently in domain-hosting purgatory, waiting for my blog to be united with the rest of my website.  Once everything transfers over, you – dear reader – will be the first to know.

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Twouble comes to my blog

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OK, much as I love social media and blogging, I’m still learning how to do pretty basic things – like embed a video in a post. So if this doesn’t work, it’s probably my fault. If it does work, stick around for a funny take on Twitter. For what it’s worth, I think Twitter has evolved from the inane status updates they are talking about… somewhat.

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3Rs of Social Media #3 – be Relevant

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OK, so in the big wide world of the Internet, where there is a following for everything under the sun, what can I possibily mean by “Be relevant”?

Well, when it comes to business, be relevant to the people you want to do business with.  Who are those people, and what do you want them to know about both you and your business?  It’s ok to take a big-picture view of this – the answer can be both personal and professional.  In fact, it’s best if it’s both.

Going back to our previous “received wisdom” that people do business with people they know, like and trust, social media like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter give you a platform for others to get to know you, your family, your hobbies and interests, even some of your daily activities.  Add to that some of your specialized information from your field of expertise, and you have a powerful combination that gives your potential customers an insight into you and how you do your work.

Does it matter what you had for breakfast?  Perhaps not.  Then again, if you are a fitness trainer, your morning menu might provide both ideas and information.  Your musical tastes could be important information if you run a nightclub.  The websites and blogs that you follow may also provide excellent info for your clients – feel free to quote and even to provide links to the places where you get your information.  This won’t make you any less of an expert – on the contrary, it shows your customers that you are actively staying current in your area of expertise.  And they will still be looking to you for excellent advice.  After all, it’s you they are building the relationship with!

Each time you post, use this simple question as a guide: “What am I telling the world about myself and my business?” If you can answer it with some simple, positive statement, go ahead and post it.

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